This car was purchaed by my father in 1962 as a parts-car for my white Isetta.  The car is a 1957 sliding window model.  It was originally red.  When it was purchased it had a blown engine.  The connecting rod had failed from a lack of oil.  In addition to the damaged chankshaft and connecting rod, the bottom of the cylinder was broken. 
In the late 60's we managed to make repairs to the engine and it was used as a "spare" for my white Isetta.  Since the muffler had completely rotted away, a make-shift "glass-pak" was installed as a muffler.
In the early 70's this car was stored in the barn shown in the photos below.  Around 1999 the barn was broken into and the car suffered some minor body damage including a broken window.  Since then I have removed the car from this barn and it is presently stored in my shop behind my house.
After About 30 Years Of Storage
Left Sliding Window Broken
Interior View and A Few Extra Parts!!
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