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This page describes some of the work that is required to rebuild the BMW 600 transaxle correctly.  This service uses the procedures described in the maintenance service manual for the BMW 600.  If you do not have the technical knowledge or tools to dismantle, inspect and reassemble a manual transmission with an integral differential, then review this page.  It is designed to demonstrate my abilities and give you pricing on this service.
Most transmissions are received complete and undisturbed.  This is by far the most desirable and least expensive option when considering a rebuild.  If the unit has been opened and partially dismantled, the possibility of damage to components or loss of parts increases dramatically.
After the case is thoroughly cleaned on the outside, it is dismantled and each part is closely inspected.
Below is a view of the gear set and differential after being removed.
At this point all parts are completely disassembled and inspected.  Not shown in the photos below, but the differential is also completely disassembled and inspected.
If damaged parts are identified, the customer is notified and together we determine the best course of action.  Many customers want everything inside to be 100% while others will elect for less knowing that they will not be operating their machines more than a couple of 100s miles a year.  I will make my recommendations based on past experience, but the final decision is always the customers.
In the case shown at the right, it was decided not to replace this gear.  This is the mesh point for the reverse gear.  The damage was localize and did not progress into the gear face.  Had this been one of the 4 forward gears, I would have recommended it be replaced.
After inspection, new bearings are installed in each location.  The first part of reassembly is to install the "stripped" pinion shaft (this is the pinion shaft without any of the gear set, only the new bearing and special spacer tool is mounted on the shaft).  This is done to set the proper backlash and mesh between the ring gear and pinion gear.  This process requires the differential to be installed and removed several times to obtain the correct shim settings.
Proper mesh of the gears is checked with dye.  The photographs below show the proper mesh pattern that is expected for proper gear alignment.
The next major step is to reassemble the gear set.  This requires the removal of the pinion shaft from the case and careful assembly work as outlined in the manual.  Most transmissions are equipped with rubber stops for the synchronizers which must be replaced with new.  These can be seen in the photo below (right) as white pieces.
The gear set, input shaft, and reverse gear are all assembled at one time.  The shifter forks and other devices are then installed prior to the front case half being placed over the gears.
After final assembly of the case halves, the axle shaft sprockets are installed and torqued to specified foot pounds. 

The cost of a rebuild  assuming no internal damaged gears, synchronizers, or shafts  would run as follows:

This estimate was last updated on 2/13/2023

New Bearings
Seals and Gaskets       
Misc. boots and rubber parts  
Synch. rubber stops (if required)
Throw-out Bearing (if required)
Labor (includes all supplies, and overhead)


All work carries a 1 year warrantee on workmanship.

Please understand this is only an estimate based on a transmission in fairly good condition that needs new bearings, seals and cleaning.  If there are damaged gears or shafts, the cost will be much higher.  Gears are not easy to find for these units and a price estimate would not be practical on this web page.  If the throw out bearing has to be replaced, you can figure an additional $100.00

If you wish to contact me to discuss this further, you may call me on weekends or week days between 10am and 9:00pm Eastern time.  My cell number is 843-845-4742.  Please do not call at "odd hours" and if I do not answer, leave a message - I will return the call.

Below are pictures of a recently completed unit.



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I am currently no longer rebuilding customer's transmissions.  I do have a number of transmissions that I would rebuild and sell to a customer who may need one.  I also have a lot of transmission parts that I will sell if you need something.  Please contact me by email and we can discuss.