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BMW 600 Documents and Downloads
Each image will open in a separate window.  You may right click the mouse to save to your hard drive for future reference.  Each of the diagrams are approximately 120kb in size, so depending on your connection speed, it could take a couple of minutes to load.

Exploded parts views and electrical diagrams for the 600
00 - Engine
00 - Carb. and Exhaust
10 - Gear Box
20 - 30 Front and Rear Axles
20 - Steering / Gear Shifter
40 - Chassis
50 - 70 Body, Doors, Interior
80 - Electrical
Electrical Color Codes
Wiring Diagram - 1.6mb file
Information on tools you can build or purchase for your restoration project.
Timing Gear Tool (Acrobat file)
Door Spring Compression Tool (Acrobat file)
Armature Removal Tool (Acrobat file)
Spark Advance Removal Tool (Acrobat file)
Front Suspension Spring Compressor (Acrobat file)
Front Crankshaft Bearing Puller Tool (Acrobat file)
The file listed below is a zip file that contains a database file and a number of photos.  Please create a location to place all of the files contained into one directory on your computer.  When you click on the link below, you will be asked if you want to open or save the file.  Save the file to the location on your computer you created.  When it completes downloading, unzip the file into the same directory.  This database has a number of tips for the BMW 600 and some for the Isetta 300.  These tips mostly came from the Yahoo message board, but some from other sources.  This file is about 4.2mb, so either be very patient, or have a fast internet connection.  Instructions for use of this file are provided in an extracted text file called "instructions.txt". 
BMW 600 Access Database Tips File - 4.2mb
Information That You May Find Useful
How the dynastart works - 1.0 Meg PDF file
Brake Cylinder Rebuild - 113k PDF file
Advance Unit Calibration - 118k PDF file
How to build an Engine Crate - 165k PDF file
How to Build an Engine Test Stand - 112k PDF file
How to Fabricate a Muffler - 412k PDF file
Bosch Regulator Repairs / Replacement - 420k PDF file
Carb Repair and Tech Information - 750k PDF file
Wear Limits and Torque Specifications - 1.2Meg PDF file

600 Rear shock Replacement by - Gary Rannefeld - 400k PDF file
600 Rear Axle Replacement with VW type joints - Gary Rannefeld - 826k PDF file
Door Compensator "Overhaul" by Gary Rannefeld (Acrobat file)
600 External Spin-on Oil Filter by Gary Rannefeld - 880k PDF file
Dynastart Hesitation Resolved

Maintenance Manual Sections:                                Parts Manual Sections:
Specifications & Torques - 500k PDF file
Engine - 4.5 meg PDF file
Transmission - 2.2 meg PDF file
Rear Suspension - 2.1 meg PDF file
Steering - 1 meg PDF file
Brakes - 1.8 meg PDF file
Chassis - 150k PDF file
Body - 2.6 meg PDF file
Electrical - 2.5 meg PDF file
Sax-O-Matic - 750k PDF file

Engine Parts List - 1 meg PDF file
Carburetor & Exhaust Parts List - 220k PDF file
Transmission Parts List - 400k PDF file
Front and Rear Suspension Parts List - 450k PDF File
Steering Parts List - 430k PDF file
Chassis Parts List - 400k PDF file
Body Parts List - 660k PDF file
Electrical Parts List - 380k PDF file
Special Equipment Parts List - 37k PDF file
Paint Information for Isetta - 61k PDF file