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BMW 300 Documents
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300 Documentation
Sample Page 1 37k
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This document is a 36 page English only version of the original handbook for Isetta owners.  The text was taken from the original booklet given to my father when he purchased the white Isetta shown on the home page of this web site. 

The English text was scanned, and converted to a Word file.  The photographs on each page were also scanned and placed on the appropriate page. The original German translation was not altered except for the correction of several misspelled words and a few reference errors.  The document is printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.  It is pre-punched with 3 holes on the left side for placing into a 3 ring binder.

The links below will provide you with a couple of sample pages of this document.  If you are interested in the entire document, it can be purchased for $20.00 (including shipping).  To purchase, click on the booklet below and send me your request in an email.

Sample Page 2 (High Res Pictures) 399k
Information on tools you can build or purchase for your restoration project.
Spark Advance Removal Tool (Acrobat file)
Armature Removal Tool (Acrobat file)
Door Spring Compression Tool (Acrobat file)
Front Suspension Spring Compressor (Acrobat file)
Exploded parts views and electrical diagrams for the 300
Each image will open in a separate window.  You may right click the mouse to save to your hard drive for future reference.  Each of the diagrams are approximately 150kb in size, so depending on your connection speed, it could take a couple of minutes to load.
00 - Engine
10 - Gear Box
20 - Front Axle and Steering Assembly
30 - Rear Axle
40 - Chassis
50 - 70 Body, Doors, Interior
80 - Electrical
Wiring Diagram - 280kb file
Interesting Information for the 300
I will put here some tips or other interesting information for the 300.
How the Dynastart works - 1.0 Meg PDF file

Brake Cylinder Rebuilding - 113k PDF file
How to set the timing chain - 141k PDF file
Bosch Regulator Repairs / Replacement - 420k PDF file
Dynastart Hesitation Resolved

How To Build A Crate For The 300 Engine (Acrobat file - 75k)
Use a Lowes Crate to Ship Your Engine (Acrobat file - 232k)